How to do Blogging from 3G/4G Wi-Fi Tablets

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November 4, 2019

If you are unable to use a laptop, and you have the compulsion to use tablet for blogging, you will be facing a tough time to manage your blog. It does not matter as which device you use. So keep aside the appropriate tablet; especially if it does not come alongside keyboard. IN this article, you will find whether you can work on your blog from tablet from any reliable 3G/4G Wifi Tablets Supplier in China.

Can you blog via an Android Tablet?

This is a million-dollar question as really can you utilize 3G/4G tablet for blogging purposes. Many a time you never know when the next idea will compel you to draft a blog post. No one brainstorm whole day to post a blog, despite the kind of the device they use. You can try writing a blog using smartphone. However, smartphones cannot be a long-term solution.

Firstly, your screen of the smartphone will burn out shortly, and you are unable to substitute a keyboard with a touch screen. Secondly, if you are not habitual of doing rigorous typing on the smartphone, switching to the smartphone will not be a difficulty. Although smartphone’s screen is humongous today. However, the display screens still are less spacious than conventional keyboards.

An android tablets manufacturer in china produces tablets using smartphone technology. However, they have made significant improvements. You cannot use a standard keyboard with a smartphone, but you can use the keyboard with the tablet. You must have to admit that you cannot replace a laptop with the tablet; even with the external aid through a keyboard. However, it can work beautifully as an interim solution.

How to Blog Using a Tablet?

Since replacing the laptop entirely is not an option, but you can do blogging temporarily by adding a keyboard or using a two-in-one-device.

Tag and Categories

Before making your post live, you require tags and categories to include as an editor. If you need to add them via tablet from a reliable 3G/4G Wifi Tablets Supplier in China; then click the gear icon appearing at the top right to find “Options”.

Posts Excerpts and Slugs

A post’s slug is a part of the URL, and it appears after .net, .org, .com, or whatever you prefer. Similarly, you can also add or edit the excerpts.

Last Word

So, blogging is workable if you have a tablet from an Android tablets manufacturer in china. However, you cannot make it a permanent solution as a blogger.

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