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by Asad Ali on hoozo

I love your all products ,, thnx

by Grayson on hoozo
Excellent service and products.

The tablets are extremely western friendly, great quality and performance.
Clarine at Hoozo provides incredible service and assistance where needed.

by Art H. on hoozo

The device is great. I bought for my mother-in-law to facebook/messenger with family overseas. The screen is big and has the ability to set the font size larger making it elderly friendly.
I was expecting the device to be slow (since it was so inexpensive), it is not. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it functions and the response times. Video over messenger is really clear, both incoming and outgoing. I also like how bright you can set the screen. It is light weight and easy for her to hold. You can also (with all android os's) turn on screen flipping and the camera adjusts as well!
Service is really great. I had powered on the device using the wrong button (oops) and it went into some sort of command line mode (my fault). I emailed support and they got back with me right away. A++ (thank you Jane @ Hoozo)
With every good review comes the nit-picking (little things):
1. The speakers are not the greatest. This was NOT an issue for us as she uses a blue tooth headset so she can hear better anyways.
2. There was not a document included that showed what each button was for and how to reset, and I searched online and could not find one. (not show stopper, but if I could make a recommendation, I would say to add one to the box and make it easily searchable on the website)
The nits are not enough in my opinion to ding the 5 star rating I am giving.
All-in-all, the bang for the buck you can't beat with this device. I recommend it.

by Kim Johnson on hoozo

Excellent Quality Products.

by Saleem Khan on hoozo
I like your all products

yes I love your all products ,, and what i need , I will feel free to buy from your website , thnx for providing us